A Whirlwind Tour of Physics

Marlboro College, Spring 1996

Jim Mahoney (mahoney@marlboro.edu)


General Info

Greetings and welcome to the Whirlwind Tour of Physics! In, this course, we will explore the entire range and depth of physics, from Newton and Einstein to Fermi Lab and the SuperConducting SuperCollider, looking for the basic concepts and ideas. I want you to come away from this course with some of the culture of physics, a sense of how physicists think and what they do.

Subjects covered:

Subjects NOT covered:
We will be reading from several texts, but the gist of the material is in Seven Ideas that Shook the Universe.

We will also be doing a number of simple experiments, most of which you will create yourself with rubber bands, digital watches, or whatever else you can find laying around.

So, that's the plan.

Jim Mahoney (mahoney@marlboro.edu).