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This page is no longer current; Jim's teaching Computer Science these days.
For the current physics courses, try Travis' Marlboro Physics Page.
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Jim Mahoney (mahoney@marlboro.edu)
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Spring '02

General Physics II
MWF 10:30-11:30, Sci217 (4 cr), Intro, Jim Mahoney.
Part II of a full-year introductory algebra-based physics course, covering electricity and magnetism. Prerequisite: General Physics I or equivalent.

Zap! Physics Lab
Fri 1:30-2:50, Sci217 (1 cr), Introductory, Jim Mahoney
Lab component of General Physics II. Highly recommended for all students enrolled in that class. Subtitled "How to have fun with a soldering iron."

On the Trail of Light (Yet Another Whirlind Tour of Physics)
MTh 1:30-2:50, Sci217 (3 cr), Introductory, Jim Mahoney
An exploration of several of the great theories of physics using the question "what is light?" as a unifying theme, emphasizing the ideas and history behind the physics rather than problem solving and formulas, and is thus open to all students. This course will not pprepare you for further study in physics, but instead will present an overview of our understanding of the basic rules of the physical universe. Coursework will likely include labs, papers, and a term project. Prerequisite: None

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Physics & Astronomy On the Web

This list only scratches the surface of what's out there, but it should at least get you started...

Facilities and Projects

Like all students at Marlboro, physics and astronomy students must complete a "Plan of Concentration" to graduate, a two year course of study culminating in a project which is evaluated by a committee of two Marlboro faculty and an outside evaluator.

Past plans in physics have included work in holography, vacuum systems, electron diffraction, radio and optical astronomy, cosmology, the philosophy and history of physics - particularly quantum physics, experimental and computational chaos, nonlinear optics, sonoluminesence, as well as various multi-disciplinary plans spanning several disciplines such as physics chemistry. Given the diverse nature of these projects, the physics lab and the equipment in it tends to change every few years depending on who's around and what they're doing.

The pages here show some of these plans as well as some of our facilities that support them. projects.

* a Small Radio Telescope - Jon Franklin, 2003 (in progress)
* Quantum mechanics and Quantum Field Theory - Jace Jarker, 2002 (in progress)
* Sonoluminesence at Marlboro College - John Atkinson, 1998
* the Drop Test Facility
* the Observatory
* the Digital Lab

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